What is a 4-Point Inspection in Florida for Homeowners Insurance?

One of the things you must do if you are preparing to buy a home in Florida is a 4-point inspection. If you are hearing about a 4-point inspection in Florida for the first time, this article contains the information you need.

So what is Florida's 4-point inspection? And why does Florida homeowners insurance require a 4-point inspection? Let's find out.

What is a 4-Point Inspection in Florida?

Four-point inspection in Florida refers to the close inspection given to four things in an old home. In an older home, a four-point inspection looks at the roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Examining these 4 home components is the reason for the title "4 Point Inspection."

In Florida, the 4-point inspection is more crucial to insurance companies than homeowners, which isn't always the case. The major systems of an older home must be in good working order for an insurance company to believe that it has been well maintained.

Does Florida Home Insurance Require a 4-Point Inspection?

Yes, a Florida homeowners insurance policy might require a Florida 4-point inspection. It is more important when you own or purchase an older home, rental property, or condo in Florida.

The demand for 4-point inspections in Florida is high when the home and rental property are older than 40 and 30 years, respectively.

Getting an insurance quote doesn't require an inspection. Before actually purchasing the policy, you will need to inspect it.

Who Handles a 4-Point Inspection in Florida?

First off, you must understand that this is a durability and longevity test rather than a safety inspection. A certified inspector or building contractor conducts a Florida 4-point inspection.

What an Inspection Looks Out For During Four-Point Inspection in Florida

This expert considers the following:

  • They examine the roof's age, condition, type of roof covering, and whether any shingles are missing or there are leaks.
  • The kind of wiring in the home, who made it, and how well the electrical system is functioning.
  • They check the intensity of leaks, if any, and test the home's central heating and cooling system once more, as well as its age and condition.

Finally, they test the supply and drain lines used in plumbing systems. They check for leaks and learn the water heater's age and its copper, CPVC, galvanized, lead, polybutylene, etc.

What is the Cost of a 4-Point Inspection in Florida?

These inspections typically cost between $50 and $100. However, consult your insurance agent if you want advice on who to use for less expensive rates. You can get recommendations from agents for affordable inspectors.

You can utilize a 4-point inspection that is under three years old when switching insurance providers.

The price of homeowners insurance is the same whether your house "passes" or "fails" a 4-point inspection.


Simply put, a Four-point inspection in Florida determines whether an insurance provider will provide coverage for your older home. You might be turned down if your house has troublesome systems or doesn't fit into the insurance company policy.

However, if this occurs, you can either fix the bad components or get in touch with another insurance provider.