6 Common Types of Florida Roofs Explained

In many Florida homes, the roof is one of the crucial components that keeps a home strong and durable. A weak Florida roof is already pointing to a home that is dealt with by storms and rainfall. So learning about the different roof types in Florida will help you know what Florida roof types are best for your home and why.

On the other hand, a house is a costly investment that requires ongoing maintenance over time. So if there is any way to reduce the cost of maintenance, choosing the best Florida roofing is one.

So in this article, you will learn about the different types of Florida roofs. Dive in!

1. Shingled Roof

If you want something that has style and high quality in terms of Florida roofing, a shingled roof is the answer. But you can find them in many upscale homes, where they are among the most common roof types in Florida.

Shingle roofing is affordable and a great fit for different roof shapes in Florida. It is one of the best Florida roofs to choose from because it is compatible with various building frameworks, attractive, and simple to maintain.

But you should be aware that because of their lightweight, they might not be able to withstand powerful winds or storms. A common myth about shingled roofs is that they can blow off during a hurricane in Florida. They are also not fans of hot climates, as it makes them crack or warp. Despite all of this, it is still one of the Florida roof types that is simple to maintain or repair following a severe storm or over time.

2. Concrete

Another popular roof type in Florida that homeowners should be vying for is the concrete roof. They are among the best attractive Florida roof types that provide value for the amount you pay to have them. Again, you don't have to worry about its durability, as it is resistant to fire and heavy storms or wind. And also, it does not absorb water and is a great alternative to clay roofing.

3. Clay Tiles

Another South Florida roof that will give your house a more attractive and secure appearance is clay tile. Clay roofs are one of the best crowns many South Florida homes wear. It provides your home with a long-lasting, distinctively Spanish feeling. Despite their high cost, clay Florida roofs have a lifespan of up to 50 years with proper maintenance.

The tiles are also resistant to rot, the effects of moisture, and even insect threats. One criticism of these tiles is that they are easily breakable and may necessitate more frequent repairs.

4. Wood Shakes

Wood shake roofing is among the best shingle roof alternatives in Florida. Considering that it has a nice, natural appearance, you can already see some of its best features at a glance. However, you might need to seal it if you want additional defense against the elements and pests.

It is another type of roof in Florida that can last up to forty years if it is well maintained. Wood shakes are costly, making them more expensive than shingles. Although it is not fire-resistant and cannot withstand strong winds, it emits an unmistakable glow and has a distinct appearance.

5. Metal

Metal roofing is the answer if you seek low-maintenance and highly customized Florida roofs. This Florida roof type is durable and can withstand winds up to 160 mph.

Metal roofs give your home an appealing top-down glow as they reflect sunlight instead of taking it in like shingles or tiles. It may require replacement if the dents from debris or even hail are large.

6. Slate

Slate roofs are another legendary type of roof in Florida, despite not being as common as other roofs. This type of Florida roof is created from rocks, is hand customizable, and is environmentally friendly. Notably, clay roofs are heavy, so make sure the strength of your home matches these Florida roof types.

Being resistant to fire makes it a top roof type in Florida, although it cracks under heavy weight or pressure. These are the difficulties, as exact replacement parts are difficult to find. And it is costly to maintain or replace, too.


Make the best decision for your home now that you are aware of Florida's top six roof types. Ensure to seek professional guidance if you're having trouble deciding which Florida roof types are best for your home in Florida.